About Us

Since you’ve stumbled upon this blog we can assume the following:

  1. You love music, probably as much as we do.
  2. You are curious about new bands and artists.
  3. You were looking for sexy Bighorn Sheep videos… jk.

If we were correct about #3, all we can say is “Ewe”

We started this blog with a simple mission: To connect with music lovers like you and promote new bands and artists that aren’t getting the attention they deserve. On this blog you’ll find reviews of great new albums, news about exciting shows, and playlists for life’s various occasions. If you own the rights to any music, images or videos on our website and don’t want them on our site, please send us an email and we’ll remove them. If you want to reach out for any reason just send us an email at bighornsheepblog@gmail.com. You can also find us on SoundCloud and Spotify.