The Shrektacular get down

Shrek is love, Shrek is life. You are warned not to google that phrase, unless you follow it with “bandcamp”, lest you find something distinctly less musical and more “bowels of the internet” than what I’m writing about.

At the Shrek is Love bandcamp, find the amazing union of the talents of vocalist Michael Mayo, pianist Jacob Mann, bassist Nick Campbell, drummer Christian Euman, and the harmony (singular, for the one chord complemented) of Raquel Rodriguez. This extremely talented group has taken on the deep and challenging emotional landscape of Dreamworks’ smash hit, Shrek. Each track puts us in the shoes of one of the film’s main characters and explores their conflicts and motivations in sultry, jazzy fashion, leveraging Mayo’s incredibly smooth voice and the utterly funky combination of Mann’s precise keyboards, Euman’s active, forward drumming and Campbell’s perfectly tasteful bass.

It’s the weirdest combination of really ear-catching, get-down jazz and, you know, Shrek. It’s hard to describe, you are encouraged to brave the internet and check out the 3 song EP “Shrek is Love, Vol. 1 – This Is My Swamp” and have your mind Shrekspanded. My favorite track is “This Is My Swamp”. Many thanks to David Chong for the heads up about this group.

I couldn’t bring myself to put this line before any real writing; the ensuing eye roll would probably make the rest of the text unreadable:

Prepare to experience Shrek in a way you’ve never heard it before!shrek-faceswap-tony-soprano

Sidenote: Shrek is Love is based in LA, yet more evidence of LA’s corner on the market for strange, interesting, genre-defying jazz and hip-hop music.

Heads up: Jacob Mann is a real character; for some weird and wild jazz tips and some super hot, but still weird modern big band music, check out his youtube channel.


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