New Album from BOTANY: Deepak Verbera

It’s New Music Friday! One of our personal favorite releases today is Deepak Verbera, the third album from Austin-based experimental electronic artist BOTANY. As with his previous work, this album is characterized by its spiritual dream-like soundscapes. With an album like this you’d think it would be easy for all the tracks to blur together, but each track rewards listeners’ attention with unique instrumental arrangements. Throughout the album, wood flute, saxophone, piano, and vocal samples float in and out of a hazy glow of synths, distorted guitar, and free-jazz percussion. A major characteristic of this album, and one that adds to its overall mysticism, is the lack of distinction between which sounds were sampled and which ones were recorded in the studio. One standout track, “Burning From the Edges Inward,” weaves many of these instruments & samples together to builds from its initial shimmering ambiance to a crescendo that brings to mind “Lux Aeterna” from the 2001: A Space Odyssey soundtrack.

The artist states that this album draws inspiration from the work of Horris E. Campos, who claims to have contacted entities of light and emulated their communication in his recordings. Listening to this album, it’s easy to imagine that it could have been composed by light-beings visiting Earth, cutting and pasting a variety of their favorite sounds. Overall Deepak Verbera is a powerful release from an artist who continues to prove how exciting and diverse electronic music can be.



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